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If you are contemplating bankruptcy to help you avoid foreclosure, please make sure to ask your bankruptcy attorney exactly how it will help you avoid foreclosure.  Too many times sellers called me to buy their house when they realized that bankruptcy did not help them avoid foreclosure, but rather it made their situation even worse.  Not only did they have to continue to make their regular full mortgage payment, but they had to pay in extra on the back payments.  I can’t tell you how many times I heard “if I couldn’t make my regular payment, why did they think I could make a payment and a half?" 

Bankruptcy is not for everybody.  A bankruptcy attorney isn’t always your financial advisor.  If you go to a bankruptcy attorney and tell them to file bankruptcy for you, that’s what they’ll do.  Then if you file for bankruptcy and you can’t make the payments you’ll end up having bankruptcy AND foreclosure on your credit. 

But if you call me and let me negotiate a “short sale”, debt reduction, and debt forgiveness with your lender, you’ll be able to sell your Louisville home quickly and avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy.  You’ll also avoid having to worry about the lender getting a judgment against you for their losses.  Call We Buy Houses Cash, LLC. if you have bankruptcy questions about your home or need bankruptcy help or bankruptcy advice on your home.  Our goal is to provide you with a real solution for your home bankruptcy problem.
We are not bankruptcy lawyers and will not provide you with legal advice on bankruptcy.  We will simply try to help you with your home related bankruptcy problem.

Why don’t bankruptcy lawyers explain to their clients that a short sale is often a better solution for you than filing bankruptcy?  Well, first of all, not every lawyer knows or understands what a short sale is or how it benefits borrowers.  In addition, many times lawyers just do what they’re hired to do.  If you hire them to file bankruptcy, they will file bankruptcy for you.   Countless times sellers ask me “why didn’t the bankruptcy attorney tell me that there are better solutions than bankruptcy?”  They have also told me that if they would have met me before they filed bankruptcy, they would have never filed bankruptcy. 

I have also helped people sell their house even though the house was in bankruptcy.  That relieved them of their payments, and dramatically reduced the amount of their debt in the bankruptcy plan, which enabled them to:
  • Reduce their bankruptcy payment, or
  • Pay off their bankruptcy much faster, or
  • Pull themselves out of bankruptcy altogether so they can start building their credit out of bankruptcy immediately

If you are considering bankruptcy or in bankruptcy already, and need a solution for your mortgage payment burden, please call me. I am not an attorney and cannot and will not give you legal advice.  I will give you my opinion as a real estate professional and a local Louisville expert, and will strongly encourage you to confirm and verify my suggestions with an attorney.  You are facing a major financial decision and you owe it to yourself to be fully informed on the many options that you may have. 

Filing bankruptcy in Louisville?  Want to stop or avoid bankruptcy fast and now? Need financial or debt help? By calling Dave today, you have nothing to lose but your overwhelming debt!  We can help you with debt reduction and debt consolidation by negotiating with banks to forgive tens of thousands of dollars.

Please call me. I have helped many people in bankruptcy get rid of their house payments.  If you call me at (502) 895-3100, I can give you names and phone numbers of real people who I have helped right here in the Louisville area.  They are eager to help other people who are in the position that they were in, and benefited from my assistance. They have given me permission to refer people to them for a live, confidential one-on-one testimonial.  They are appreciative of what I have done for them, and they want to help you avoid the stress that they understand so well. 

When I buy your house or find you a buyer, it never costs you anything.  No commissions, no fees.  This is real.  Please call me. (502) 895-3100

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