Behind On Payments & Short Sale

"Meeting Dave Halpern was truly, truly a blessing to us.  He saved our lives!  He was able to get over $46,000 knocked off our loan.  I don’t know about other we buy home businesses, but I know and I believe in Dave Halpern.  I will truly say that he helped us.  Our problem was real and so was the solution.  We were able to close on our home and be free from debt in just 3 months.  Thank you Dave.  We appreciate everything you did for us.  The words on this paper can’t even express how we appreciate everything.  Thank you so much."
- Steve and Chaire. Louisville KY, 1/31/2008

Are you behind on payments? Need to sell your house, fast? Let me help you. 

No one falls behind on payments on purpose. It is no fun at all, it’s very stressful.  I have spoken to hundreds of sellers who are behind on payments. There is usually an overwhelming life event that causes the house payments to be too big of a burden. Nowadays, the exploding adjustable rates mortgages (ARM’s) are adding to the problems.

A “behind on payment” situation is usually caused by event such as job loss, job cutback, injury, illness, divorce, business venture that didn’t work out, bad partnerships, rising gas prices, and more. These are uncontrollable situations that suddenly cause good, honest, hard working people to suddenly find themselves behind on payments, including house payments, and facing home foreclosure and/or bankruptcy.

Before you know it, pit bull collection reps are calling you at home and to work, lawyers are trying to convince you to file bankruptcy, scary and insulting letters flood your mailbox with all sorts of confusing attempts to get you to call them for a quick magic solution that sound too good to be true.

You just don’t know who to believe, and who to turn to.  You are on your own, you’re losing sleep, you think you’re the only one in this situation, you don’t want to talk to friends and family about it, and you just don’t know what to do about being behind on your house payments.

Short Sale
I’m glad you are reading this because I am here to tell you that you do have more options.  In most cases, the best solution is a “short sale”.  When the lender accepts an amount short of what you owe them, it’s called a short sale.  I have successfully negotiated a short sale for dozens of homeowners, right here in Louisville and Oldham County and Bullitt County.  In a short sale situation your lender typically forgives any of the remaining debt and you never have to pay it back.  Your debt has been reduced!

Let me repeat that because it is true: Lenders will let you sell your house for less than what you owe and forgive the difference forever and you never have to pay back a dime. 

This is real – this is true!  Call me at (502) 895-3100 so I can answer all of your questions.

This may sound unbelievable to you.  The collection pit bulls are calling you every day trying to squeeze a payment out of you and threatening to take your house, yet I, Dave Halpern, am telling you that I can get your lender to forgive huge chunks of you debt – thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars.  It doesn’t make sense, or does it?  And here’s the reason why:  The bank does not want to own your house.  They are not landlords, they don’t want to manage your house from 100 miles away.  If they foreclose and take your house, it will cost them tens of thousands of dollars in lost payments, legal fees, repairs, taxes, insurance, and commissions to take your house back and sell it as a bank owned, abandoned foreclosure house.  They would much rather settle now for less than what you owe them than lose twice or three times more spread out over the next year. 

I have done countless short sales right here in the Louisville area.  How can you find out more about short sales and if it’s the best solution for you? 
  • Call me at (502) 895-3100 anytime between 8 AM and 10 PM, every day and night, including weekends and holidays.  You have a pressing, stressful issue and I work with people when it’s most convenient for them.
  • Call your lender.  Tell them that you are behind on payments or that you anticipate to fall behind on payments, and ask them about a short sale.  Sometimes the collection pit bulls will tell you can’t do a short sale because they are programmed to squeeze money out of you on that phone call.  You have to insist on talking to someone in the bank who understands short sales.
  • Research short sales on the internet.  There are many articles explaining why it is beneficial to the lender to settle for less than what’s owed and forgive the rest of your balance.  There are hundreds of thousands of articles.  Some may be confusing and contradictory.  That’s why it’s important for you to call me, Dave Halpern, at (502) 895-3100, so I can add clarity to the situation and help reduce your debt and move you along to the short sale process.
  • Call people in Louisville that I have helped avoid foreclosure by successfully performing a short sale for them.  I have numerous clients who have volunteered to provide personal, confidential, one-on-one testimonials to people who find themselves in this stressful situation and think there is no way out and no one to turn to.  I have helped so many people avoid foreclosure, bankruptcy, and financial disaster, and many of them have spontaneously told me that they want to help people like themselves by telling them about the short sale and how David Halpern helped them avoid financial disaster and how I eliminated debt and stress from their life. These people were in the same situations that you are in now, they were headed into bankruptcy, they were behind on debt and having other financial problems, they were headed into home foreclosure by the bank, and needed to sell their house now and fast through a short sale! Call me at (502) 895-3100 to get their names and phone numbers.
  • Visit me at my office at 1815 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville KY, 40206.  I will proudly show you my office and how we are set up to help you avoid foreclosure on your home.

How much will this cost you? Nothing. There are two ways I can help.  I may buy your house or I may find you a buyer in my capacity of being a licensed Real Estate Broker in Louisville, Kentucky.  Either way, the most important fact is that I negotiate the short sale and the debt forgiveness on your behalf and you get to sell your house in an orderly fashion and not lose it to the bank.  When I buy your house, there are no fees, no commissions, no cost to you.  If I sell your house as a Realtor, your lender essentially pays my commission and any other closing cost you may have.  You bring no money to closing.  You get to sell your house with no cost to you

This works. It’s real. Please call me at (502) 895-3100.

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