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"Thanks to Dave Halpern, I was able to sell my house fast. I was in a real financial bind due to a recent divorce and illness. I was on the brink of foreclosure when I called Dave. Dave was able to buy my house in a matter of weeks and lifted the financial burden off of me. It was such a relief to have a person like Dave help me, he answered all my questions and was very helpful. I would recommend him to others who find themselves in a position like I was in."
-Michael. Louisville KY, 4/22/2007

If you owe more than your house is worth, you probably need a short sale.  We DO NOT buy short sales. Your lender most likely requires that you list you short sale with a Realtor who specializes in short sales.  Dave Halpern is a licensed Realtor in Louisville, Kentucky and specializes in short sales.

  • Current on your home payments but struggling?
  • Facing home foreclosure?
  • Already in home foreclosure?
  • Getting home foreclosure notices?
  • Behind on house payments?
  • Worried about bankruptcy?
  • Worried about your credit?
  • Feel like there is nothing you can do get out of this situation?
  • Need to sell your house fast?

We can help you avoid or stop home foreclosure!  We make it simple for you! Contact us today by calling (502) 895-3100 or by submitting a form. It’s fast and easy – and you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain! Save your credit – call today!

We are real - we can help you stop or avoid home foreclosure by working with banks and mortgage companies to approve your short sale.

We have negotiated mortgage debt forgiveness with many lenders, including:
  • AMC
  • ASC (America's Servicing Company)
  • Aurora Loan Services
  • Bank of America
  • Chase Home Finance
  • Citi Financial
  • Citi Mortgage
  • Citi Residential
  • Colonial Savings
  • Countrywide
  • EMC Mortgage
  • Fifth Third
  • First Franklin
  • Freedom Mortgage
  • GMAC
  • HFC Beneficial
  • Homecomings
  • HomEq Loan Servicing
  • HSBC
  • Huntington Mortgage Group
  • KHC (Kentucky Housing Corp)
  • Litton Loan Servicing
  • National City
  • Option One
  • Saxon Mortgage
  • Select Portfolio Servicing (SPS)
  • Wells Fargo
  • FHA
  • VA Loans

Most likely we have already successfully negotiated with your lender in the past.  If your lender is not on this list, that's OK.  We will work with them, too.

Even if you're in bankruptcy, we can help.
Many people put their house payments in bankruptcy to save their home, but find that it is still too much to handle and they are losing their house anyway.  We can help!  We have successfully worked with lenders many, many times to forgive huge chunks of debt, even when the house is in bankruptcy.  This enables you to avoid losing your house to the foreclosure auction and it reduces your bankruptcy debt by having the lender forgive your back payments that were included in your Chapter 13.  This debt reduction enables you to:

  • Reduce your bankruptcy payments, or
  • Shorten your bankruptcy period, or
  • Get out of bankruptcy all together.

Many people have told us that if they would have met me earlier they never would have had the need to file bankruptcy or to lose their home to foreclosure.  I can give you their names and numbers for one-on-one personal testimonials.  These are real people right here in the Louisvile area.  They were in your position and they understand what you are going through.  Many of the people I have helped have voluntarily expressed their willingness to help other people in your situation, and have permitted me to give you their names and contact information so you can hear first hand how I have helped them.

We have worked with many bankruptcy attorneys in the Louisville area to help their clients avoid home foreclosure.  It is complex but we are experts at it.  Many bankruptcy judges and lawyers have approved our paperwork and enabled the house to sell, and therefore got the debt eliminated.
Read more about bankruptcy and your options here.

Even if you have overwhelming judgements and liens against you and the property, we can help you stop or avoid home foreclosure.
You may know that all sorts of other debt may attach to your house in the form of judgment liens.  Car and motorcycle repossessions, student loans, tax liens, medical bills, and other unpaid debt may suddenly get attached to your house and make your house unsellable unless paid off.  We routinely get these debts reduced or removed from the house.  Yes, we actually get your mortgage lender to pay off or pay down your other debts!  This may sound amazing or unbelievable, but I do it all the time.  Please call me so I can explain this to you.  I will also show you actual documentation, with the names whited out, of actual cases where I have eliminated tons of debt from people's lives.  I can bring you a quick sale on your home through the short sale process, help you avoid or stop foreclosure on your home, and help you avoid going into further debt on your house payments.

Yes - this is free to you!
Yes - there is no cost to you!
Yes - we make it as easy for you as this sounds!
Yes - this is real!
Yes - we have helped many people!
Yes - we are local!
Yes - we eliminate debt, that you never have to pay back!
Yes - we can help you even if you are in foreclosure or in bankruptcy!

Click here for a few frequently asked questions about home foreclosure and the short sale process to help you save your credit and solve your home problems.

I want to avoid losing my house to foreclosure and save my credit, what's the next step?
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