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Bad things happen to good people.  I am in people’s living rooms and at their kitchen tables almost every day – people who need to sell their house ASAP. I have found that sellers in a financial crisis are hard working, responsible people who have had life events erupt on them, which made the house and the house payments too much to bear.  Many times, people are working two and three jobs just to make the house payments.  Too many times people have cashed in all of their savings to keep up the house payments.  But often, it’s just too much - adjustable rates going up, injury, illness, job loss, divorce, business ventures not working out, and many other uncontrollable events.  When the payments just can’t be made any more, there’s often no one to turn to, no one to ask, you don’t know who to believe, and often it’s something you just don’t want to share with friends and family.  The stress, the sleepless night, the fright, and the hopelessness is real.  It seems like there is no solution, no hope, and no options.  Who would want to buy my house when there is too much owed on it?  You may be getting bombarded with letters from bankruptcy attorneys, and all sort of people sending you scare tactic letters making hard to believe, insulting promises.  And even all sort of characters knocking on your door, peddling all sorts of sales pitches. 

I understand what you are going through, and I work with you with the utmost respect and understanding of your situation.  You need debt relief and stress relief today.  Please give me the chance to help you.  I have helped many people.  My solutions are real.  They don’t cost you anything.  I’m a member of the Better Business Bureau, and I am a licensed Real estate Broker of the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors.  My office is at 1815 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville KY, 40206, and if I am not in people’s houses explaining what I do, I am usually at my office with my staff negotiating with lenders nationwide to reduce the debt of people I am helping so they can sell their house quickly. 

Do you debt stress because you are behind on your home mortgage payments?  Click here to see how We Buy Houses Cash, LLC. can help you relieve this stress.

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We Buy Houses Cash, LLC.  Louisville KY
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Dave Halpern is a licensed Realtor in the Commonwealth  of Kentucky with Keller Williams Realty Louisville East.Keller Williams  Realty Louisville East is not affiliated with We Buy Houses Cash, LLC.
(502) 895-3100
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